The Vision

The vision for DataRollup was born out of a desire to continue to empower schools, conferences and unions to choose SIS systems that meet their unique needs, while complying with state and government reporting requirements. While requirements vary state to state, a selection of reports have become standard requirements for private, denominational or parochial schools. The reports include:

  • Opening Report
  • Closing Report
  • Record of Attendance
  • Cumulative Student Record
  • Report Cards
  • Academy Transcripts

Additionally, DataRollup optimizes the delivery and storage of reports, removing the physical Bluebook/Register and empowering schools, conferences, and unions with the ability to access reports immediately in PDF format and store them digitally.


DataRollup is built on two pillars:

Before You Begin // Vision

While the initial desire was focused on compliance with state requirements, the benefits of access to standardized reports for teachers, principals, conference superintendents

and union directors was obvious—immediate access to appropriately authorized data to assist in health and safety, student assessment and human resources. The application is built to honor pre-established rules of access to data in a digital world.



The data imported would
not be modified

  1. DataRollup is a reporting tool, period. There is no way to alter imported data at the school level. Reports are generated from imported data with the exception of optional data entry for opening and closing reports)
  2. Imported data is not used for ANY other purpose than to run the reports built in DataRollup. Any other use must be voted by the Union Directors. (example: Physical Genesis and online accreditation report)
  3. Student/Teacher sensitive data can be saved only as PDF files.

Ensure that access to data is authorized based on student, teacher,school relationships

  1. Imported data controls access based on a simple, effective dependency schema. In other words, if I am a teacher I am only able to see data from students associated to my classrooms. If I am a principal, I am only able to see data from students, whose teachers belong to my school. And, if I am a superintendent, I can only see data from students, whose teacher belongs to a school that is in my conference.
  2.  Authorization to run reports is determined by Union Directors. Authorization to run a particular report, while governed by Union Directors, is managed by the User Manager - a separate NAD application. Users are assigned roles, typically based on employment. These roles provide access to specific set of reports.
  3. Access to DataRollup tool (authentication) is controlled by the Conference. Entrance to the DataRollup tool is only gained by logging into the NAD Toolbox. This access is controlled by the Conference, who actively manages those users who are employed by the conference represented. At any time, a superintendent can end the access, ensuring data is secure in the instance an educator may be terminated.

Introduction // Schedule of Tasks