User Roles

Access to the Adventist Education Dashboard is strictly controlled by roles that are assigned to each user. These roles determine both access to applications and data. Roles are assigned by administrative level access. The following is an overview of each role type available and the applications/data they are privileged to access.


Academy Principal: Grades 9-12

School Principal: 4+ teacher school of PK-8 school

School Head Teacher: 1-3 teacher school

School Data Manager: manages data & IDs (for schools without an official registrar position)

School Registrar: Senior academy only.

School Teacher: teaches classes and assigns grades

School Staff: auxiliary personnel — not officially involved with academics

School Vice-Principal: 4+ teacher school of PK-8; PK-12 or 9-12


Each role has varying degrees of access according to their jurisdiction. Remember — roles determine ACCESS to the data. They may or may not be the same as an educator’s job title. For example, a teacher who is responsible for data management at their school would be assigned the role of School Data Manager.


The following table details the access various roles have to Data Rollup. IMPORTANT: Note that a School Head Teacher only sees their own teacher reports but not those of other teachers.

ALL individuals employed by the school should have an NAD ID number. This number is comparable to an employee badge.


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