The DataRollup Window

Explore the options available to you from this window.  Reports accessible to you are listed on the left hand side.

  1. Access other years by clicking the year in the drop down list.
  2. Click to access your most recent Error report.
  3. Click to freeze your closing school report and also your imports at the end of the year.  With this action, data coming in from your SIS won’t affect your reports which are already correct. (Opening Report is frozen in the same fashion.  Link name changes according to time of year.)
  4. Reference of NAD standardized subjects, courses and skills.
  5. Indicates your access levels.
  6. Reference of NAD standardized staff titles.
    Be sure you are choosing titles which are on this list for your staff.
  7. Indicates who you are.  Click to view
    your profile and update your email,
    when necessary.
  8. This is the list of reports available to you
    for viewing and printing.  Be sure to take advantage of the ones which have Troubleshooting Versions when working
    on accuracy. (Opening/Closing Reports, Report Cards)









Data Rollup // Useful Reports