2.  Manage “Last Year’s Students” by clicking the appropriate button to the right of the student’s name.

3.  This action gives you a “This Year’s Student” list. You have options to print your list as either a CSV file (opens with Excel) or a PDF file.

4.  Students who were moved out of your Current Student list (by clicking on No Longer Enrolled) are moved down to the No Longer Enrolled list.

5.  If you make a mistake by clicking on the wrong button — you can click the correct button to make things right. Keep in mind that the student may be at the bottom of the screen in the No Longer Enrolled list.

6.  Grade levels are populated with the first import from your SIS. Don't be alarmed that the grade level is either blank or the same grade as last year — until after your first import!

The more complete information you give, the less likely a duplicate ID number will be created.

Student ID Manager // Adding Students