IOWA Test Scores

IOWA test scores are imported to the Student Cumulative Record Report each fall.
Three points of data must match between the SIS and Data Rollup
in order for the import to take place:

  • NAD Student ID
  • birthdate
  • full legal name


All conferences will receive pre-identification barcode labels from Riverside at no additional charge. This is to ensure the most accurate student information and obtain the highest rate of data import success.


The student information is exported directly from the schools' student information system (SIS) data in the Data Rollup app.
Note: When working with hyphenated names if a hyphen becomes elongated in a file it is no longer registered as a hyphen so it and the spaces are subsequently deleted upon importing to IOWA barcode labels. Best practice when creating files is to only use the hyphen on the keyboard (aka the minus sign) with no spaces before or after.

  • Use: Before-After
  • Instead of: Before – After


Your conference exports the data for the barcode labels directly from their Data Rollup app.  All YOU need to do is be sure to enter the student information correctly in your SIS. Please do this as quickly and accurately as possible — prior to the conference-set deadline. Contact them for more information.


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