The North American Division Office of Education, in cooperation with the nine union offices of education, has developed and implemented a data rollup protocol to help consolidate data and to assist schools and conferences to store data. The data collected is the official/legal data.

The Adventist Education Dashboard is the portal for Data Rollup activity. It can be accessed from any computer with a web browser — anywhere in the world — to manage your school-affiliated information. An Internet connection is necessary. The following apps are available on the Tool Kit Dashboard:

Access these web apps at dashboard.nadeducation.org. You will need to login with your email address.


NOTE: The Dashboard is NOT compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Certain features of the website will not be work or be visible if you are using Internet Explorer (IE). Please use Safari, Opera, Chrome or Firefox.

The User Manager hosts the user information. NAD Employee ID numbers are generated here and permissions are assigned.

The Student ID Manager provides the means for obtaining and tracking your Student IDs.

Data Rollup is the NAD reporting system used to create various reports such as Opening and Closing Reports, Report Cards, Cumulative Record Report, Education Directory, etc. It is tied directly into several SIS vendors including: Jupiter, FACTS SIS, eAdventist, and eCertification.

The Secure File area gives access to webinar archives, resource discount information, textbook order forms, and any other kind of information that is specifically negotiated or designated for our Adventist educators and students.

The eCertification app is the portal for certified educators to access their full status sheet - listing their certifications, endorsements, expirations, and recertification requirements.

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