Freezing Opening/Closing Reports

Please follow these steps to assure accurate data in your Opening and Closing Reports.

  1. Ask teachers to check their Teacher Opening/Closing Report in Data Rollup. If the information is not correct, please check what is entered in your SIS for that specific teacher. Keep in mind that denominational certification information comes from your Union Certification Registrar. State certification comes from the data entered in your SIS.
  2. Check your Data Rollup Error Report. Follow the directions here to be sure you are reading the report effectively. If you need help correcting your Import Errors, please contact your conference office first. You may need to contact your SIS vendor, as well. They have access to your Data Rollup reports in order to assist you.
  3. Check your School Opening/Closing Report in Data Rollup. If the data is not correct, please run the troubleshooting version of the report for help. Be sure to read the instructions at the top of the report.
  4. Remember! Data Rollup reports are the OFFICIAL reports for school data. If your school is not using an approved SIS vendor (FACTS SIS, Jupiter), you will need to click on the link to manually enter your data.
  5. Incorrect or missing NAD ID numbers are the most common reasons for Import Critical Errors. Please be sure you are not making up or altering ID numbers. FACTS SIS has "jobs" to import/resolve ID errors. Run those jobs first, then send another import to Data Rollup to see the change in your Error Report.
  6. When your Opening/Closing Report is correct, freeze the report.
  7. Make sure you are checking your Import Errors and Reports in the NAD Dashboard
  8. Deadlines: Opening Report: Three weeks after the first day of school.
    Closing Report: Two weeks after the last day of school.
  9. Freezing your Closing Report may be done before finishing the rest of your end of year data entry, as long as the Closing Report is accurate.




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