Errors and warnings are provided to quickly guide users to challenges found in imported data. The Data Rollup Error Report is designed to provide solutions to the most common challenges. Be sure and utilize the information found in the Student Information System Q&A website as you work to eliminate all errors and warnings. This site provides practical steps to correction common errors and warnings encounter from each SIS provider.



Remember - your Conference Office is your support for Data Rollup. If you are not sure about what to do, contact them!

Below are a list of the most critical and common errors schools experience in their imported data.


ID Errors

ID Errors are the most critical errors to fix. Resolve these first. One ID error can generate over thirty additional errors.

Incorrect Student ID — Error occurs when the student ID does not match the ID in Student Manager.

Missing Student ID — Error occurs when a student ID is missing



Invalid Skill Grade — A very common error when an incorrect marking code is used for skills or grades.



Troubleshooting Errors // Helpful Tips