DataRollup is a report generation system that optimizes and modernizes the delivery of standardized school reports.

See the list of reports currently available for schools to use and view. This is the only information available to schools from the database. No one has the ability or permission to query or search the database at any time. The Division has no access to the database, nor does ANYONE else, except the developers.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Each student, teacher, and school is assigned a unique ID number. Student ID numbers follow them through their entire PK–12 schooling and an educator will keep an ID number through their whole career. The entire data rollup protocol is based on unique and consistent ID numbers for students and teachers.


ID management (Fig. 3) is designed to be implemented at both the school and the conference level. Student IDs are managed at the local school level while educator IDs are managed at the conference level. Please see student ID and the educator ID management information at at:

Fig. 3. ID Management (student)

Once a teacher receives an ID, the conference assigns an access level (Fig. 4).


That level will automatically define which information a person can see. For example, if the person is a teacher, they will only see reports that are directly connected to their classroom. Principals are only able to see reports for students of teachers in their schools. And superintendents can only generate reports on students of teachers belonging to a school that is in their conference. A user can only generate reports appropriate to that user’s role and unavailable reports won’t appear in the list for that user.


It is essential that schools help conferences manage and update roles — assigning new roles when positions are changed or filled, and removing roles from individuals who leave the conference.


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