Closing Out the Year

After making sure your closing report is as accurate as possible this year, you will need to "freeze" your school's imports. Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Click the Close Out School Year link in the upper right corner of the Data Rollup window.

  2. Click on the check box below the column titled, Imports Frozen?
  3. Once clicked, the word "frozen" will appear to the left of the checked box.

Once a school's data is frozen, no more imports will be processed until July 16 when Data Rollup switches over to the new school year. After the data is frozen, schools can not unfreeze the data.

Your Conference will review your Closing Report and may unfreeze it, as well as the imports, if they see data that does not match what should be there. Stay in touch with them until you have all of your report and data finalized.

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